Prayer and Spiritual Healing

Prayerand Spiritual Healing is the practice of directing healing energy from Source/Creator/God to an individual who is in need of assistance. Unlike Reiki and other forms of Energy Therapy, Spiritual Healing relies on the healer's personal relationship and belief in the Divine rather than using attunements or other instruments of healing. 

Practitioners use prayer, meditation, and/or  other practices in accordance to his or her faith to make this Divine connection, and in turn channel the healing energy to the client. It is quite acceptable for the practitioner to utilize any and all methods of spiritual healing and prayer in a session, to best assist their client, even if the practitioner him/herself is not a formal participant in those set of practices.

Typically, Spiritual Healing is performed via laying on of hands procedure, but other methods can also be applied to bring about healing.

This course is open to anyone of any religion or faith and does not require any form of attunement or initiation to become a Prayer and Spiritual healing practitioner.

Our Manual Covers the Following:

What is Divine Spirit Healing?

How is Divine Spirit Healing different than Energy Healing?

What Issues May Divine Spirit Healing Address?

How to Perform Divine Spirit Healing

What to do if You do not see Results

Becoming a Divine Spirit Healer

The Importance of Prayer

How to Prepare for a Divine Spirit Healing Session

Anointing  with Oil

Using Photographs and Sacred Objects for Divine Healing

Divine Healing with the Vibration of Aum

A  Litany of Healing ( Healing Ceremony)

 Course includes a textbook written by our staff, and requires assignments, essays, and a final exam for successful completion to earn your certification as a Spiritual Healer/Prayer Therapist.

This course is available in e-book edition and will be sent to you within 24 hours of processing your enrollment.

This course counts towards one course completion towards our Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Program which is provided at no additional cost once the student has graduated from any 5 Reiki Rays Institute courses.

Our graduates are automatically approved for holistic health accreditation with our sister organization, The American Council of Holistic Healers. Further information will be provided upon graduation of the course. 

Tuition $49.99

a nomimal fee will be charged at time of order for mailing your course certification, which will be sent when your program is complete.


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