Mission Statement

                              Our Mission



Reiki Rays Institute of Metaphysical Theology was established on June 1, 2000 with the goal to share the traditional holistic methods of wellness as taught in cultural traditions, Ancient texts, and numerous Scriptures from many faiths.

Holistic health acknowledges the spiritual components of life as an integral part of achieving total well-being.  Holistic and spiritual  practitioners believe that all dis-ease is caused by spiritual separation from God and other issues not readily embraced by the traditional medical community.  The word holistic means "to restore wholeness", and therefore holistic modalities treat the full person- mind, body, and spirit, and do not simply substitute a natural remedy for a synthetic one.

Metaphysics is a widely used and misunderstood term. Metaphysicians examine the key spiritual and philosophical issues surrounding our existence, asking questions such as, "What is the nature of Being?" and "What is the nature of the spiritual Universe and the physical universe?" Metaphysical theology focuses on asking those questions as part of our spiritual and religious growth.

As such, our courses and services help the individual incorporate mindful living, proper lifestyle choices, and reconnection to Existence/ God to bring the body back into harmony.  Reiki Rays is not a school of religion nor medicine. Rather, we are an awareness center committed to sharing the Universal Principles of Life that are true to all of humanity, open to all from any faith, country of origin, gender, orientation, or race.