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For those who want to work with the highest vibrational bands of Reiki healing energies...look no further!

Lightarian Reiki was channeled in 1997 by Jeannine Marie Jelm as an offering from Ascended Master Buddha. We have learned from her communications that there are a total of eight vibrational bands in the Reiki spectrum, with Lightarian Reiki occupying the six highest bands.

The emphasis in Lightarian Reiki is on energetic purity, simplicity, and ease of delivering the healing energies during a treatment. No symbols are used in this new form of Reiki.

It is highly recommended that the four attunements be performed a minimum of 30 days apart to better assimilate their energies.

So, in order to progress to the higher vibrational Reiki energies, one must already be a Reiki Master as well as a Karuna Ki Master. In lieu of Karuna Ki, students may opt to receive the Buddhist Boost, which serves to raise your vibrations of Karuna Ki, but without the need for the student to study another system.

Students will receive the official manuals produced by the Lightarian Institute and will be registered as an approved Lightarian Reiki Master Instructor when attunements are complete.

To ensure that you receive the most up to date version of their manuals, we will order your manual at the time of sale. Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your materials as a result.


The four levels of the Lightarian Reiki Training Program are:

Lightarian Reiki I & II, III, IV and V & VI.

In Level I & II, you are prepared vibrationally to receive the attunements of the following three higher levels.

In Level III, a special supportive connection is made with the energies of Gaia (Mother Earth).

In Level IV, the energies of the Godhead are invited in to create an extraordinarily high vibrational state for this attunement.

And finally in Level V&VI, a connection is made with Ascended Master Sananda. Also in this attunement, all of these supportive energies come together to join with Ascended Master Buddha to form what she calls the "Divine Healing Chamber."

 Please allow 2-4 weeks for your manuals to arrive from the Lightarian Institute.

Upon completion of the attunements, you will be registered with the Lightarian Institute.

Once you are ready, your instructor will set an appointment for your distance attunements ( performed without telephone or internet contact).

The full attunement package is $250 plus shipping

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