Flower and Plant Remedies:

Bach and Beyond

Do you have a passion for Nature, energy work, holistic wellness,  and helping others? If so, this course may be for you. This foundational course will give the student the comprehensive knowledge in working with all aspects of flower essences, including...

Thorough understanding of the history of flower essences

Review the history of Dr. Bach and the famous Bach Products

Learn how essences affect us mentally, emotional, and spiritually

Learn the process of making flower essences from start to finish

Make Mother Tinctures, stock, and dosage bottles

Identify proper dosage amounts for adults and children

Describe the premise of plant signatures

Understand and experience plant attunements and journeying

Understand the process for choosing essences

Legal implications for practitioners

Explaining essences to others

Consulting, client intake forms & case evaluations

Using flower essences with animals

Case studies, assignments, and a final are required to earn your certification as a Fkower Remedies Practitioner

The pdf manual will be emailed within 24 hours of enrollment.

This course counts towards one course completion of our Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Program which is provided at no additional cost once the student has graduated from any 5 Reiki Rays Institute  courses.

For those preparing to offer professional services, the average cost of a flower remedy consultation is $95 or more per hour, which shows you the value of our tuition.

Tuition: $88 USD 

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