Chakra Therapy

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for “wheel of light”.  The chakra system consists of 7 main energy centers along the spine that are believed by many cultures to hold the key to health, happiness, and spiritual connectedness.  Each chakra has a specific purpose, and if the energy of that chakra becomes disturbed, illness can take place.

This course teaches you everything you need to know to work with the chakras of humans, cats, dogs, and horses.

This course explores:

The 7 main chakras

Gemstones, Scents, and Musical notes attributed to the chakras

Maps of the chakras for humans, cats, dogs, and horses

Food and Chakra Correspondences

Chakras and Astrology

Archetypes and the Chakras

How to Prepare to Perform a Chakra Balancing Session

How to Work with the Chakras in a Session for self and others

The chakras of the hands and feet

Yoga poses to balance the chakras

Client-Practitioner Relationship ethics

Our Chakra course offers a text and requires the student to complete case studies, progress tests, as well as a final exam for successful completion and certification as a professional Chakra Therapist.

This course counts towards one course completion towards our Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Program which is provided at no additional cost once the student has graduated from any 5 Reiki Rays Institute courses.

Our graduates are automatically approved for holistic health accreditation with our sister organization, The Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers. Further information will be provided upon graduation of the course.

Your manual will be emailed in pdf format within 24 hours of enrollment. For those who prefer a hard copy paper manual, please inquire how you can order a printed book version of our manual for an additional fee.

 With the average cost of a chakra therapy consultation in the US ranging from an average of $50-$100 per hour or more, you can easily recoup your tuition and begin what may be a very rewarding and prosperous career by investing in this class.

Tuition for our Certified Chakra Therapist Course is $ 79.99

a postage fee will be charged at time of order for mailing your course certification, which will be sent when your program is complete.


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