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Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

Ama Deus (meaning 'I love God') is a 6000 year old system used by the Guarani Indians living deep in the Amazon jungle of central Brazil.

It was first brought to the West by Alberto Aguas, a third-generation Brazilian healer, who lived alongside and studied the practices of the Guarani shamans for many years. The system combines God's love with a series of ancient multi-dimensional symbols, which act as vehicles for the energy transmission. The beauty of Ama Deus Shamanic Healing is in the way it connects the practitioner to the All/The God Source regardless of religious or spiritual background.  The Universal Source flows through the symbols from practitioner to recipient, in a gentle but powerful stream of spiritual energy.

Users of Ama Deus report deep soul growth and cleansing, in addition to a higher awareness of All that There Is. This is truly a system that helps advance the seeker to Universal Conscious/Christ Consciousness by creating that personalized connection to the Source, infusing one with the blissful love where Ama Deus- I Love God earned its name.  You will receive 2 attunements, an emailed manual, and an Ama Deus Shamanic Healing Master certificate upon completion.
This course counts towards one course completion towards our Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Program which is provided at no additional cost once the student has graduated from any 5 Reiki Rays courses.

Our graduates are automatically approved for holistic health accreditation with our sister organization, The American Council of Holistic Healers. Further information will be provided upon graduation of the course.

 Tuition: $69.99

a nomimal fee will be charged at time of order for mailing your course certification, which will be sent when your program is complete.