7 Facet Seichim Reiki

7 Facet Seichim is a modality developed by Tom Seaman after being inspired by the original Seichim program discovered by Patrick Ziegler.

There are ten symbols within the system, which is divided into seven facets.  There are meditation practices associated with each facet.

 Seekers of 7 Facet Seichim are empowered via an energy attunement process which is performed distantly by appointment in one singular session- no need to self-attune nor receive this via chi-ball method.

The manual will be emailed to you within 24 hours enrollment, and sent to the email address used in the checkout process. Please reach out to reikirays@yahoo.com if you have not received your manual within 24 hours.

The manual icludes the following information:

Facet/Level 1 will allow you to experience the Seichim energy for the first time

Facet/Level 2 provides Body and Emotional integration of the Seichim energy within and allows you to experience all the dimensional aspects of Seichim

Facet/Level 3 will give you the ability to empower inanimate objects

Facet/Level 4 you will experience angel wings, the attunement will also open blockages and seal the energy within you

Facet/ Level 5 will help you to achieve balance, wholeness and emotional integration in order to truly feel peace within your life

Facet/Level 6 will connect and align your higher and lower self. This will allow you to connect with yourself on a subconscious level

Facet/Level 7 is the master level, also known as becoming the infinity, teaching you vision and insight and enlightenment.

While many energy healing instructors provide  attunement procedures via chi-ball or self-attunement methods, at Reiki Rays Institute we prefer to do all our energy attunements by live scheduled distance appointment at a time that works around your schedule. If you prefer the chi-ball or self- attunement method, then per your request we will empower you to proceed in this method. Your attunement will be done in a singular attument session lasting approximately one hour.

After your attunement is complete you will be issued your certiication and lineage as a 7 Facet Seichim Reiki Master, which will be emailed or mailed to you at no addtional charge. You will be fully empowered to teach, attune, lead workshops, or provide sessions to others.

Seven Facet Seichim Reiki Course is $75 USD

Payment Options

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